Frequently Asked Questions....

What do I need to do first?

Book the Celebrant as soon as you know the date, time and location

How much notice do you need?

The Marriage Act requires at least one calendar month’s & one day notice. However, you should book the Celebrant immediately as there are limits to the number of weddings that can be accommodated.

How do I lodge a Notice of Intention to Marry?

Fill out the form – obtained from your Celebrant or online – and bring your birth certificates – and death or divorce certificates if previously married. If you were born in Australia you must provide a birth certificate. Australian passports are not acceptable-only for photo ID. If a person was born overseas and is unable to obtain their birth certificate then their overseas passport is acceptable or a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration can be prepared for them if they have neither passport nor evidence of birth.

Should we have music?

Personal preference, but it does add to the occasion. Usually on arrival,bridesmaids & bride, during the signing and after the presentation of the married couple.

How do I sign the register?

Your normal – maiden name or if divorced or widowed, previous married name signature is required for the bride. Signatures on all documents must match.

How long does the ceremony take?

Depending on the content, a short ceremony would be 10 – 15 minutes and a longer ceremony anywhere from 20 -45 mins.

Can I have my children give me away?

Anyone can ‘give the bride away’, including children.

Where do celebrants perform ceremonies?

In all locations throughout the state and the country but of course the more travel and the greater amount of time involved, the costs will increase accordingly.

As I come from overseas, can I have cultural aspects built into my ceremony?

You most certainly can. The Marriage Act is specific about the necessary content that is required to be included in your ceremony and provided that they are in your ceremony all other content is open to your specific requirements.

What documents do I need to be able to marry?

There are several documents that may be required depending on your particular situation. You are required to present for sighting your birth certificate or an authorized translation of the document prior to your marriage taking place. You might also required to present photo ID as requested by the celebrant. If you are unable to access your birth certificate and you were born in an overseas country, your overseas passport is sufficient proof of identity, provided that it has not been cancelled.

How much does it cost?