Health and Wellbeing - Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

I am on the journey too and this web site would be incomplete if I did not include this section. This page is dedicated to all of the people who are about to embark on a celebration of life's milestones - whatever the occasion.

During these times in our lives we are full of emotion both positive and negative, including times of the happy highs and the sad lows of our journey.

Ceremonies are about celebrating life's milestones - much of the time they are positive joyous occasions, Weddings, Namings, Vow Renewal and Commitment ceremonies and other times they are the saddest of goodbyes at Funerals.

These celebrations in life are often a catalyst for growth and change in many people.

During life's journey you need to make yourself a priority - pay attention and time to your mind, your body and your spirit. Most of all be kind to yourself and others during these times of excitement and highly charged emotions.

Take stock of your lifestyle - make a positive change by committing to a healthy way of life. Improve your healthy food choices, move quickly and more often; baby steps to start with but the secret is to keep going - don't stop. Make an effort to still your mind and think deeply about what is important to you. Be the best version of yourself that you can be.

This is the time to make that decision to change bad habits - smoking, excessive drinking, dangerous substances and bad choices. Let go of blame and negativity, and forgive and move on. Replace them with a new hobby, painting, photography, dirt bike riding, reading or music - surround yourself with positive people and connect with yourself and others.

Beautiful people are made from the inside out and only you have the power to change yourself. The power of positive thinking and positive habits will change you for the better forever. Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this, I really appreciate it. 

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